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Food and the city has been seen in some of the coolest spots.

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Pans of carrot cake baked by the Rikers Island inmates.

Pans of carrot cake baked by the Rikers Island inmates.

Of all the venues I visited while interviewing for this book,  perhaps the most unforgettable was Rikers Island, home to what may well be New York City’s largest kitchen.  And if it’s not the largest, it certainly puts out the greatest number of meals a day.   Just plunging the depths of the prison itself was fascinating (see my description in FOOD AND THE CITY), but what I found even more captivating was the personal story of Assistant Commissioner Paulette Johnson. Commissioner Johnson  heads the Food Services Division at Rikers, which means she is responsible for feeding 12,000 inmates and 8,000 staff three meals a day/seven days a week.  Or somewhere around 20 million meals a year.  As she and I walked around the 11,000 square foot kitchen... READ MORE